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Dear Friend,

My highly anticipated new book "Courage to Leap & Lead" will feature my brand new MicroCourage process.

The "original" version was created a few short years ago, and only used with my private clients.

Since then, my team and I have spent (literally) thousands of hours in client work and research, both for ourselves and for clients...evolving and perfecting this method to do one thing:


The MicroCourage™ approach and method has only gotten MORE EFFECTIVE since it's first discovery.

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 - CB Bowman

Introducing...Courage To Leap & Lead

The roadmap to implement courage differently that anything else out there!

This is NOT "just another" motivation program, this is truly unique and different. Here's how...

FOREWORD BY Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

COVID-19, economics, mental health, environment, and social justice – there is a need for courage to be displayed by everyone more than ever before. But few of us know how to recognize and implement courage in an organizational environment, or how to use it to fulfill our lives.  

Bowman, the CEO and founder of the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches, is a master level corporate coach. A brilliant and engaging keynote speaker on this topic, she has been helping leaders and teams recover from dysfunctional work environments that paralyze them in making decisions for fear of failure. She explains saving courage through anecdotes and practical tools, including her six-step roadmap, fishbone charts, SWOT analysis, and more.

This book illustrates how we can have the courage to create successful solutions and avoid causing shame, embarrassment, a loss of self-worth, and a loss of pride. Most importantly, this is a guide to building a legacy of success inside and outside of the workplace.

Bowman provides a roadmap that allows us to implement courage on both micro and macro levels. Not only does she break down the difference between the two types of courage, she also helps the reader understand how to redefine failure and, ultimately, how to use lessons learned from failure to generate future success.   She proposes that failure is synonymous with a university education for success. We must take failure and dissect it so that the outcomes become part of the framework to lead us to success for the next go-around. Bowman helps us to see that courage is not the elephant in the room, but rather we need to see it in terms of micro-steps to applaud ourselves each day.

Microcourage™ is not the person who is running into a burning building to save a child or jumping into a swimming pool to save a dog when they can’t swim. Those are acts of Macrocourage™. Instead, she presents the idea of applauding and rewarding ourselves for our daily acts of Microcourage™, such as supporting one's convictions, asking for a raise, launching a new product, or supporting social justice in or outside of the office. It could even be getting up in the morning and going to work to face a hostile environment. These are examples of acts of courage that fuel our progress forward over time and create larger change for our lives.  

Bowman’s stories about her life challenges and rewards will invigorate and inspire you toward a path of discovery. They will also enable you to recognize and respect the courage that you have in yourself and help you to be aware and appreciate the courage displayed by others. Knowing that courage is rarely spoken of in this way, Bowman provides a six-step roadmap to help each of us discover the courage within, helping us to utilize it for the greater good. We no longer have to sit on the sidelines and say, ‘I wish I had the courage.’  

— Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach New York Times Bestselling Author of The Earned Life, Triggers, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There


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